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Smoother processes 
for your business

Autonet's services are mainly developed for, and used by, insurande companies and parties who own or manage vehicle fleets. With the help of our solutions, their everyday life becomes simpler and more efficient.


Insurance companies best friend

Autonet has the same goals as the insurance company: satisfied policyholders, shorter lead times, and reduced cost for settling the claims.

We look at the whole process, from damage to a repaired car or compensated customer. Our solutions shorten the lead time and thus save valuable time, increase profits and minimize environmental impact.

Autonet increases your customer satisfaction. Through our efficient app, the customer can easily take the necessary pictures of the damage. The selected workshop receives the images and the car data for calculation, and insurers can review and approve the figures. Then, the workshop and the customer can together schedule the repair.

As soon as the car gets uploaded into the system, the insurance company receives an estimated cost for repair.

Autonet’s offer is scalable based upon your needs. Whether you like to review the whole process or are only interested in parts, we’ve got you covered. Everything is accessible through effective API:s.

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Fleet-adapted solutions

Do you know the actual state of your fleet? Do you think your insurance cost is too high? Autonet’s solution makes it easy to assess the damages to your cars. We reduce administration by integrating workshops and insurances in the system. You save time and enable a better state of your fleet by reducing the number of damages on the cars.

By keeping the fleet in good shape, you can reduce the number of claims. The interface provides statistics, such as the number of damages, trade-in values, and future repair costs. By staying on top of things, you can avoid inspection of your cars.

In addition, your workshops are integrated into our system, and insurance claims can automatically get filled.

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