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Machine Learning gets customers back on track faster

Claims handling using image recognition and AI

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Autonet offers a service for automated car inspection for insurance companies and fleet operators. We optimize the claims process of vehicle damages through our market-leading picture recognition and AI-powered decision engine. Our lean and efficient solutions help you close cases faster and at a lower cost.

We’re part of Progrits, an international company group of specialized software companies. Our solution utilizes our groups’ market-leading car databases, car part databases, geolocation services, vehicle dealer systems, and Fleet operations.

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Through AI and picture recognition, Autonet sorts cases and estimates costs. We route cases to the nearest repair expert, based on the customer’s location. The repair expert makes a calculation based on the customer’s pictures of the damage, which automatically gets verified by Autonet. This way, we minimize the lead-time but always keep an expert in the loop.

The solution is used in various sectors. No matter the context, the process needs to run smoothly. Autonet always does.

Our web app is easy to access. No downloaded software is necessary – the solution launches through either link, QR-code, the web, or insurance company's app. The photo app is adaptive, based on damage severity, and the system reads out all information from the pictures, saving both time and effort for the user and the workshop.

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AI for smarter claims handling. Efficiently. Profitally. Environmentally. 

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Machine Learning keeps us at the forefront

Our solution depends on data, and it’s constantly learning new things from both past and present cases.

Based on your historical cases and decisions, we custom the decision logic to your preference. Together we analyze how cases should have been dealt with and include the findings in the decision logic.

The decision logic continuously gets updated with new cases and learnings. That’s how we make sure that the solution is market-leading and optimized for your business.

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