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Verify that the estimates and
calculations are in order

Incorrect estimates and calculations can be both time-consuming
and expensive. Autonet’s Estimate and calculation
verification help insurance companies make sure that the
estimates from repair parties are correct.

An hourly updated database verifies the part numbers,
prices, and labor time specified in estimates. Autonet also
automatically checks if the parts are original and suggests
aftermarket or recycled parts if suitable.

By verifying the estimates and calculations, Autonet saves times
for insurance companies while enabling the insurers to offer
optimized prices to their customers.

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The customers’ claim gets sent to the best suitable party for repair, offering enriching details about the car and the damage.


The repairer assesses the claim and calculates the cost, the needed parts, and labor time, before sending the estimate to
the insurance company. 


Autonet verifies the estimate and calculation and makes sure that the correct and best-suited parts have been selected, as well as correcting time and price if needed. 


Key benefits


 Correct repair cost

Clear communication
with repair specialists

Faster handling

Spare parts validation